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Inner canvas and insulation

Giertsen Halls can be delivered with inner canvas, insulated inner canvas or insulated outer canvas. You will find more information about canvas and insulation if you follow this link.


In cooperation with leading suppliers in the market, we can deliver just the gate you need. Sectional gate, folding gate, vertically PVC gate or quick gate, the variety and size are many.      


We deliver door in the gate, as well as individually placed doors. Normal size on a personnel door is 0,9x2,1. This can of course be customized.


We deliver lighting inn accordance with the customer’s specifications. Lighting fixtures is hung on wires in the ceiling, with a simple plug and play solution.

  • 50-100 lux: Parking.
  • 150-200 lux: Rough stock/stock.
  • 300 lux: Storage, production with additional working lights.
  • 300/500 lux (to step): Sporting workout/Game light (not national standards/Nrk demands).
  • 500lux: Production, office, workshop.


All halls are delivered with ventilation openings in the gable. For more effective ventilation, fans or other ventilation systems can be delivered according to specifications.

Hard wall, inside or outside walls, Bulk halls

For a more robust hall, we can deliver solid walls, either with steel plates or sandwich panels. The hall can also be built as a bulk hall, with solid walls inside for storing of gravel or other product that need a walling for support and to direct strain.


Heating, dehumidification, ramp, shelving, floor, equipment for sports and so on. Please contact our sales department and they will help you.

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Standard canvas colours.


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