We can help you with your building application in Norway.

We have a long history in assisting with building applications for our customers and make sure all formal demands from the authorities are followed throughout the building process.  

We have Central Approval (Tiltakslasse 2.) The only thing we need from you/your company is company information, building information (farm registration number/number) and address.

The rest you can leave up to us.

Based on this information and the product you have purchased from us, we will send a complete building application to your municipal, included neighboring notifications.

Our competence within this field is necessary to make sure the processing in your municipal is as short as possible. This is a good way for us to make sure the building process keeps the planned building schedule and progress.

Invoicing for this service is time dependent in addition to public costs. Cost for building application will be invoiced regardless of the outcome of the application. Contact us to get a quote.


Please contact our experienced sales representatives and they will do the application for you.