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Introducing Autarkic Power System (APS)

Successful introduction of Giertsen's new energy system at the NOREPS summit in Geneva

W. Giertsen HallSystem is pleased to announce the successful introduction of its new solar energy system APS at the NOREPS Summit, held in Geneva from 18th to 19th of September 2013. The Summit gathered more than 25 renowned aid and relief organisations, providing the perfect platform to showcase the new product.

“The integration of solar energy generation into Giertsen HallSystems was an important extension of our product portfolio,” commented Wilhelm Giertsen, Owner and Managing Director of the W. Giertsen Group. “We have already been supplying shelter halls to the aid and relief market for many years and therefore especially pleased to contribute to the energy quality for compound operations, its inhabitants and supporters with this new development”.


From 01.01.2015, all renewable energy products and services operate under the entity W.Giertsen Energy Solutions. A sister company of W.Giertsen Hallsystem.