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NG1 to Tacloban, Philippines

More than 30 NG1 halls are now placed in the Tacloban area to support the aid, relief and rebuilding of the severly damaged community.

Following the disastrous typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda that hit the Philippines in early November, WFP and several NGO's have ordered our mobile storage units, NG1 10x24m and 10x32m in aluminium, to help with the important work aiding and supplying the many thousands of people in desperate need of basic supplies such as food and water.

About NG1

Up to 7 NG1 relocatable Giertsen halls, depending on steel or aluminium frame, can fit in a single 20 foot container. We have stock points in several countries, including Subic Bay, The Philippines. They are rapidly mounted and the light construction makes it easy for the local workers to deal with. The manuals come in several languages as well.